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          也门胡塞 - 为什么他们不只是伊朗的代理

          文森特durac, 手机澳门新莆京

          对石油生产设施的袭击 在沙特阿拉伯布盖格和胡赖斯已引起重新聚焦于也门胡塞运动, 宣称对此事负责 对于罢工。这些说法是否真实或者或不 - 的 我们沙特阿拉伯 声称伊朗是更直接地参与攻击 - 他们强调了胡塞运动的转变。

          What was once a small opposition movement which emerged in Yemen’s north in the early years of the 21st century, is now a player of national, 和 increasingly, regional significance.



          该 Houthi leadership’s increasingly vocal criticism of Saleh’s regime and the close relationship it had with the 我们 drew the movement into direct conflict with the government in Sanaa. Between 2004 和 2010, Saada was the site of recurrent conflict which resulted in 数千人死亡和毁灭显著的. In the course of that conflict, the Houthis were transformed from a small, marginal opposition movement into a battle-hardened militia, capable of fighting regime forces to a st和still.



          When Hadi’s government proved incapable of resolving the deep-seated economic 和 political problems that had fuelled the 2011 uprising, the 胡塞夺取控制 of Sanaa in 九月 2014 without violence. 该y were aided by support from Saleh and forces loyal to him who had lost out in the twists and turns of the transitional period 和 saw advantage in throwing in their lot with their erstwhile enemies.

          Although the unlikely alliance between Saleh and the Houthis did not last, it was crucial to the Houthi seizure of existing state institutions 和 their access to vastly 提高军事资源。这包括坦克,火炮和防空武器,以及短程弹道导弹和发射器。

          该 advance of the Houthis drew in the involvement of regional powers. 沙特阿拉伯 和 the United Arab Emirates (UAE) led a military intervention against the Houthis which 始于2015年3月 with the support of regional allies 和 the international community. 该 subsequent aerial bombardment of the country has 死亡人数达90,000人 并导致了当今时代最伟大的人道主义灾难之一。

          沙特空袭继续蹂躏的国家,胡塞 - 谁继续控制萨那 - 开始推出 对沙特境内的导弹和无人驾驶飞机打击在一月2018


          有伊朗控制着胡塞战略的证据有限。在胡塞 据报道,忽视 伊朗的建议没有接管萨那在2014年,而阿拉伯联盟之间的花 我们?每月$ 5-6十亿的战争, 伊朗在也门战争开支 据估计,每年有一点超过数百万美元。

          该re are also significant doctrinal differences between the Houthis’ Zaydi version of Shia Islam 和 that practised in Iran. Some Houthi activists are 即使在记录说明 that the Iranian system could not be implemented in Yemen because Sunni Muslims constitute a majority of the country’s population.


          502 Bad Gateway

          502 Bad Gateway-手机澳门新莆京 战略包括 effective control of energy infrastructure, oil fields 和 commercial ports all of which link to broader Emirati objectives in the region.

          文森特durac, Lecturer, School Of Politics & International Relations, 手机澳门新莆京

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