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          官僚主义傻了眼 - 如何管理负担削减美国的安全网


          Without passing any new legislation, the Trump administration has made significant cuts to some of America’s largest social programs according to a leading US academic.

          在主题演讲,在 手机澳门新莆京教授唐·莫伊尼汉从 乔治城大学, said that the lives of millions of Americans had been affected because of a “deliberate choice” by the US government to encourage confusing paperwork and complex regulations.

          For policymakers, administrative burden was an effective tool in making it difficult for people to access certain types of benefits, Dr Moynihan said.

          “Consequences of burdens don’t fall evenly across the population… they tend to hurt some people more than they hurt others.

          “If you’re part of a marginalised group or from a low income community, then encountering this administrative burdens [in so far as they’re means tested] becomes part of your daily life.

          “[As does] being the subject to discretionary bias on the part of street level bureaucrats who act as the gate keeper to services.”


          “Four out of five people will lost benefits not because they’re not eligible for the programme but because the paper work is so odious,” Dr Moynihan added.


          According to Dr Moynihan, a survey carried out later found that 95% of those who lost their benefits should have retained them.

          Further warning of the dangers of administrative burden, an example of it being used to legally deny American citizens their right to vote was presented.

          In 1965, the state of Louisiana required anyone registering to vote to complete a literacy test.

          Answering any question incorrectly, the example of which included ‘spell backwards forwards’, meant a person was unable to register to vote.

          A slide showing an example of the literacy tests required by the state of Louisiana to register to vote in 1965

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          “A more contemporary example looked at emailing election officials around the United States and asking them what was needed to vote.

          “In one treatment, [researchers] sent their requests from a white sound names, and the other from ones sounding Latino.


          He added: “There may still be some racial bias animating the implementation of some of these burdens… the evidence is mixed but overall, there is more evidence of discrimination than not.”

          In Denmark, Dr Moynihan said, it was found that when accessing social welfare programmes Arab-Muslim families were asked a lot more questions than those families with more traditional Danish names.

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          Understanding why administrative burdens exist and how they can be reduced is essential for maintaining a healthy public sector, Dr Moynihan concluded.

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