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          A pioneer in the area of microwave electronics and wireless communications, Tom Brazil’s research focused on non-linear modelling and characterization techniques at the device, circuit and system level within high-frequency electronics.  He was head of the RF & Microwave Research Group in UCD, whose research in high power amplifiers is internationally renowned, playing a significant role in the Internet of Things innovation.

          Graduating with a first class honours BE in Electrical Engineering from UCD in 1973, he was awarded a PhD in 1977 by NUI.  He spent two years working on microwave sub-system development at Plessey Research (Caswell) in the UK and after a year as a lecturer in the Department of Electronic Engineering at the University of Birmingham in the UK, returned to UCD to take up a faculty post here.  A brilliant educator and mentor, he went on to become Head of Electronic Engineering in the UCD School of Electrical & Electronic Engineering, inspiring generations of students who benefitted from not only his outstanding scientific knowledge but his strong sense of community and social justice.


          Elected to the Royal Irish Academy in 2004 where he took on a number of roles, including Secretary and Chair of the Research & Education Working Group.  His copious energy and drive also led him to contribute to science policy at national and European Union level.





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